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Heyyy guys-
The name's Cherrelle. 22. Still trying to figure out this life of mine. My obsession for ATCQ, cheetah print and pizza are the only things I'm sure of.

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Excited for my weekend!

Rachel is coming down today and after work, we along with Kia are headed to Austin and SA for Six Flags. I am so so so so stoked, not to mention I haven’t seen my best friend in foreverrr. We’ve been planning out this trip for months and it’s finally hereeee! Wahoo :3



Herro :3

So I haven’t updated too much about my life or what’s going on in it. I’ve been kinda neglecting my Tumblr. Welp, I’m obviously finished with this semester. I made 3 A’s, a B in A&P, and a C. My GPA is went up, so that’s always.

I haven’t gone in for my degree audit yet, but I’m pretty sure I have 16 credits left on my degree which would allow me to graduate in December :) I’m taking one class this summer and the rest of them in the fall! I also have an internship this summer as well! Lately I’ve just been kicking it with Ashley and Michelle, and it’s been a blast. Otherwise, I’ve really just been kicking it at house. In about a week and a half I’m headed back up to school. 

I’m just so excited about life and what it has in store for me!